welding services

In addition to my sculpting I will occasionally take on a repair job. I have welded buildings, bridges, cars, trucks and trailers, bicycles, boiler pipes, motorcycles, snow blowers and anything else anyone can throw at me.

I will look at just about any job, if it is weldable I will do it. My rates are fair and are non negotiable! If you tell me it is easy and it won’t take me long you may try it yourself with your own equipment! When you fail, call me back, I will adjust my rates accordingly! I also reserve the right to demand any or all payment up front, any materials will be paid for by you before I start the job.

I will also make house calls to remove any steel you have that might be useful, if it is not usable I will haul it to the scrapyard to be properly recycled. This does not include appliances or any hazardous materials unless you’re willing to pay.

These are my terms, I do not wish to play by any others!